Algebra 2-Fractional and Radical Exponents, and Simplifying Radicals – Math Class (Copy)


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Take the mystery out of finding your style without losing any of the magic!

“You don’t find your style, your style finds you.” Discouraged by the words of his art professor, Andy J. Pizza spent years following trends and feeling inauthentic in his art, waiting for his style to show up. Spoiler: it never did. So Andy set out to find it himself, a journey that led to experiments, breakthroughs, success as an illustrator, podcaster, and speaker, and ultimately this class.

The culmination of Andy’s research, this fun and inspiring class lays out five hands-on exercises that will unlock your artistic identity. Working in your medium of choice, you’ll explore who you are and what you have to say, then put it all together in your own personal style guide. 

Accessible, step-by-step lessons cover:

  • Unpacking your identity, influences, and experiences
  • Cracking the code of what “good” means to you
  • Translating your taste into what you make
  • Experimenting to develop your visual vocabulary
  • Creating successful projects, now and into the future

For Andy, the search to find his style was really the search to find himself. Packed with weird and wonderful examples, each lesson includes his favorite projects, tips, and discoveries along the way.

Whether you’re a designer, filmmaker, writer, or musician, unlocking your style is the key to feeling fully at home in what you make. Once you tap into your most authentic, joyous, and powerful creative work, anything is possible!


This is a class for every creative, regardless of experience level or medium. You can follow along using Andy’s creative influences pyramid and style dice, or customize the exercises to fit your materials of choice. Want to see what you’ll end up with? Check out these sample style guides for some of your favorite artists!


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